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Tekoa Mobile: Why Buy a Mobile Computer

By Zayne Hamilton

            Mobility is one of the fastest growing needs for businesses. But why should you invest in professional barcode scanners when you could pick up a cheapie down the street? In this article, we’ll chat about the importance of mobility, durability, and storage.


            When you go to the supermarket, you see the checkers scanning your vegetables with their barcode scanners. Later, you jump online to see that those scanners are only a couple hundred bucks. Why spend the extra money for a computer when you could get a mediocre scanner for less? Well, for one, they’re mediocre. But more importantly, with a mobile computer, you’re not tied down to a station or actual computer than can process the information. At Tekoa, all our scanners are fully Wi-Fi and data compatible, giving you internet access, file storage, and a familiar operating system. This means that you can wander the entire warehouse and still have your trusty scanner with you.


            Oh no! Jim dropped the scanner! That’s alright, because scanners such as our TK821 come with rugged cases that protect against damage. In the sharp and rugged environment of a warehouse, (I’ve been to Costco), it’s important to have durable equipment. Buying cheap scanners that will break when you look at them wrong is not very cost effective. The Tekoa Promise for our Mobile Scanners is that each one has been tested and proven reliable.


          This is really where the mobility comes into play. When you’re at the supermarket, and you see the clerks scanning your groceries, all the information that they are receiving is being inputted to a computer, which process the codes, and gives it numerical value, which you then match with the same amount of money. With Tekoa’s handheld computers, you have that same capability, but are not bound to a single plot of ground. All of our solutions support file saving, allowing you to store and access codes and products at a later date. All of this possible because you decided to invest in handheld computers for your business.

            So why invest in hand held computers? They allow for flexibility and mobility, they are durable, and they allow you to be most effective with your storage and time. No more pointless walks back to the scanning desk to process products. You can do that right from your handheld computer! Most of our solutions even support texting and calling, allowing you to keep in contact with your managers or employees.

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