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Product Spotlight: MC40 Symbol

Tekoa Software: Mobile Site

By: Zayne Hamilton

One the Tekoa Mobile site, there are many options for Inventory Management. From the TC70 Rugged Mobile Barcode Device that bears much resemblance and user friendliness to a cellular phone, to the MC9200 Motorola Rugged Barcoder, which resembles the classic scanner. In this series of articles, we’ll explore a bit deeper into the functions of each of the options on the Tekoa Mobile site.

The first option of the Tekoa Mobile site is the MC40 Symbol 4in Mobile Barcode Device.

This option is the MC40 by Symbol. It is a durable hand held barcode device for tracking inventory at your enterprise.  Equipped with an integrated barcode laser, it reads product label barcodes to increase the accuracy of your inventory management. The MC40 is even Wi-Fi network compatible, allowing for greater versatility.  It sports a 2D barcode laser, Android OS, 1GB RAM, Standard Battery, and a 4-inch Display. The package Includes: one device, one battery, a charging cradle, an AC Charge Adapter, and one Charging Cable. For more information, please visit the Tekoa Mobile Site.


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