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Product Spotlight: MC9200

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By: Zayne Hamilton

            The MC9200 is the barcode scanner that is the most industrial. It is the option that will be most familiar to your Inventory Managers, and for good reason. It has long been trusted for its reliability and user friendliness. One great feature about the MC9200 is the gun grip handle, allowing for comfort, and rigging to say, a belt or vest.

MC9200 by Motorola is a state of the art industrial rugged barcode scanning device with a gun grip for easy scanning.  The MC9200 is the industry leader in hand held rugged barcode devices designed to increase the accuracy and productivity in tough environments. The MC9200 is fully Wi-Fi network compatible, and uses an integrated 2D barcode laser reader.  With 1GB of RAM, that is, Random Access Memory, you can save files and codes onto the device for access later on.  The operating system is a simplified Android OS. Another great feature is the Bluetooth. Fifty-three key pad.  Three-inch Display. This package Includes: a device, one battery, an AC charging cable, and one charging power supply. For price and more information, visit the Tekoa Mobile Site, at

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