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Tekoa Mobile Device Integration

Mobile Device Integration

By: Zayne Hamilton

In case you haven’t noticed, at Tekoa, we are really big about mobile solutions. And there’s a reason for that. Tekoa’s Mobile ERP solution makes it easier than ever for your Inventory Managers to do their jobs well. With the complete ERP lineup in a mobile solution, your managers can have full access to whatever they need on the ERP. Shipping, manufacturing, or orders, it’s all there. On the Tekoa Mobile application, life gets a whole lot easier. Send and receive information on mobile devices through the Tekoa ERP Application Integration and mobilize your workforce.

Warehouse Management mobile devices, Production Tracking mobile devices, Manufacturing tools, can be integrated with your ERP through automated data relationships you define. Choose from a variety of mobile devices, or run the solution on your own mobile device. For more information, visit the Tekoa Mobile Site at https:/

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