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Tekoa Software: Utilities

Tekoa Software: Utilities

By: Zayne Hamilton

As in every aspect of life, there are a few good habits to get into when using the Utilities function. These will be discussed briefly in this article.

The first practice maybe somewhat common sense, however it worth stating. When you are using a utility: Make a backup of your MAS90 Folder. This ensures that even of one of your MAS90 folders are deleted, you have a spare. Another reason why having a backup is a good idea is because you cannot undo changes made by a utility. If you have a backup file, you can restore the file to its previous state. And although they take up more room, backup files are a necessary fallback. Think of a backup generator, but only in Sage.

Second, bring up the utility panel and select the help button on the lower right (it looks like a question mark). Read through the information. This Help section is filled with useful tips like these that help you get the most out of your Utility. Also in the Help section is the Customer Service selection, should you need assistance.

Finally, create a test company and make sure it is current. Test the utility there to be sure it will act the way you want before you use it on live data. A sandbox account is a great way to become familiar with a program before you commit actual information to it. By creating a fake company, you can try all of the functions and utilities on something that will not have the consequences of live data.

Regardless of the type of utility you are using, these are a few good habits to get into for the sake of your data.


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