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TK421 Sales

Tekoa Mobile Sales: Limited Time

Tekoa TK421


By: Zayne Hamilton

            For a limited time at Tekoa Mobile, we are discounting our most popular TK421 barcode scanner for you, our interested partner. When you visit the Tekoa Mobile site, find the TK421, discounted 10% of the original price. In this article, we’ll chat about some of the benefits of getting a TK421 scanner for your business. In order to take advantage of this sale, just enter to exclusive code: TK421 at the checkout.


            These days, inventory management is already stressful enough. When you throw a bulky barcode scanner into the mix, nobody is happy. The TK421 is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, while keeping its full functionality. With a user friendly Android 5.1 Operating System, (OS), it is easy to use to keep on top of all of your inventory.


Each of the units that Tekoa offers have been tried and tested to ensure maximum durability. The product you receive has been tested and approved by the president of Tekoa Software. With an 18 key pad, the TK421 makes crunching numbers easy. In addition, the laser activating buttons on the sides are rugged, protecting against wear.

Rugged Side Initiators



            As stated, the TK421 has begun a 10% sale on all units. On top of this, the TK421 is already our least expensive model. So treat your inventory manager to an affordable investment. These are quality products that are ready to be used and tried by your personnel.

            In conclusion, the TK421 is the main barcode scanner of Tekoa Software. It offers a complete package of compactness, reliability, and affordability. So head over to our mobile site to pick a TK421 barcode scanner.

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