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TK821 Sales

Tekoa Mobile Sales: TK821

By Zayne Hamilton
 For a limited time, Tekoa Software is giving their customers an exclusive 15% off of the TK821 Windows 10 Barcode Scanner. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of using this model for your barcode scanner needs, and some of the perks of using Windows devices. To claim this discount, enter the code: TK821 for the bundle, or TK821Tablet for the solo tablet.

1. Computer Power, Tablet Size

The TK821 Barcode Scanner has the computing power of a full Windows 10 laptop, compacted into a durable and portable tablet form. The TK821 offers all the comforts and functionality and dependability of a trusted Windows device, but with an added perk: a rugged case rigged with a 2D barcode scanner, and indents for power buttons and volume options. There are also several folding rubber doors that open to reveal connecting ports and options. One of the most convenient parts about the TK821 is that you don’t even need to take off the case to charge it. When you buy the bundle for the TK821 and its charger, simply slip the tablet into the port and it will begin charging. No extra hassle.

2. Windows 10 OS

When the revolutionary Windows 8 was released, there was quite a bit of backlash from businesses on the novelty of the interface. However, Tekoa offers full tutorials on the functions of the TK821 and other devices. With a toggle option to go between desktop and tablet mode, you can use the version of Windows 10 that suits you best. When it comes to Inventory Management, things are already hard enough. Your manager comes in late, the stocker lost their shipment, etc. You don’t have to worry about hiccups with the TK821. It has been tested for durability and reliability for your benefit.

3. Windows vs. Android

In business, the Windows OS offers familiarity and reliability. Many businesses chose Windows 7 because of its simplicity, and for how logical it was. In contrast, there are a plethora of different styles of the Android system, running on countless devices. The Kindle, Samsung phones, tablets, etc. With Windows, you know what you’re getting every time. And that’s a benefit to choosing Windows. So choose professionalism, choose the Windows TK821 Barcode Scanner for your business, and for your inventory manager.

In conclusion, Tekoa Software offers a variety of different barcode scanners, with the TK821 at the helm of the more advanced operating systems. And now for a limited time, take advantage of this 15% off sale by entering the code: TK821 at the checkout of either the tablet or the bundle.

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