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Why buy Barcode Scanners from Tekoa?

Finding a supplier for bulk scanners isn't hard. There are a lot of big names out there. So why should you consider Tekoa for your Inventory Management needs?

1. Local- Notice that second sentence? When you buy from Tekoa, you know that each and every unit has been tried and found true. Finding your barcode scanner shouldn't be hard or expensive.
2. Cheaper- At the Tekoa Mobile site only, we offer discounts on all of our units for our loyal customers, and newcomers. Once you reach the main unit page, you will see the original price, and the discounted price.
3. Reliable- When you buy from Tekoa, every unit has a warranty, so that if it breaks, you get your money back, no questions asked.
4. Full Operating Systems- Many of Tekoa's scanners have been adapted from Android and Windows computers and mobile devices and transformed into barcode scanners. This allows for an easy and familiar interface.

So, why buy barcode scanners from Tekoa? If you're still asking this question, then you didn't really process anything. So head over to the sop section and pick the barcode scanner that is right for you.

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